– On the subway into Manhattan. Video taken at 11:58 am. His gaze was not directed at anyone “target” in particular, but roamed the fairly crowded subway car looking at the women around him. There is no zoom used in this video. He was, indeed, this close.

– At the security desk of a building, 1:00 pm. The security guard looks at me after I hand him my ID and say, “Now, I know you’ve got a smile in there somewhere…”

– Waiting for a train on an LIRR platform on Long Island, 9:05 pm. A man approaches me and asks me if I’m from the area. I tell him I’m not. He continues to ask questions that I give vague, unenthusiastic answers to. He says he wants to know because he’s “never seen me around before” and “wishes he had flowers to give me or something.” He introduces himself. I say, “Nice to meet you,” but don’t supply my own name. He hangs around for a few more moments making small talk before taking the hint and moving on.